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PartYard Lda.

PartYard combines Distribution, Logistic and Engineering Services for different areas such as Space Market, Marine, Railway, Industry, Automotive, Offshore, Defense and Aviation. Due to the long-standing experience and good co-operation with leading manufacturers worldwide, PartYard Lda. has a qualified supplier range.

IndYard – Human Resources Management, Lda.

Indyard Lda.

Indyard Human Resources Management was created in cooperation with the worlds largest manufacturers in various sectors (militar, aeronautics, tech services, logistics, naval industry, engineering and navigation). Our objetive is to provide these markets with qualified experts promoting the relationship between our Clients and Workers.

Viridis Ocean Shipping

Viridis Ocean Shipping

Viridis strives to provide the most cost effective, green shipping and best possible technical services to our clients. Transferring the shipping industry into a “green” market by implementing the latest technologies, we help our clients to reduce their environmental impact.

HSM Portugal

HSM Portugal

HSM company manufactures office and technology equipments with environmental purposes. Our factory shelters several departments: development, planning, logistics, engineering and supply. Our main products focus on sheredding, compacting, converting, cutting, perfuration and pressing machines.

PartYard Military Division

PartYard Military Division

PartYard Military company is an established worldwide supplier of OEM systems and aftermarket air, sea and land spares and maintenance. PartYard Military has been a leading aviation, naval and land equipments parts distributor since over a decade. Our business model is centered on product support using strictly Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

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